Adriana Ohlhaver

Adriana Ohlhaver

Visual and Corporate Designer.

Based in Hamburg, 2nd base in Stoupa – and you can book me from anywhere.

Adriana Ohlhaver - Teatime Pictures No. 4
Adriana Ohlhaver - Gobelin
Adriana Ohlhaver - Schöner Wohnen
Adriana Ohlhaver - Vasarély drifting by
Adriana Ohlhaver - Teatime Pictures No. 3
Adriana Ohlhaver - Teatime Pictures No.2

"Don't follow your passion – bring it with you." I fully agree. The good thing about my job: it's more playful than others, up to 15% – sometimes ;).

I am freelancer again. Studied visual design, that is visual communication & concepts, graphic design (web/print). Worked many years in design and advertising agencies – art and creative director / partner of an agency. The daily job comprises much more marketing than design. So I bring my passion. Still love it.

When free to follow whatever, I am somehow obsessed with geometrical surface patterns in black & white. It's lack of time that – instead of using acrylic – I mostly stick to the digital solution using illustrator and photoshop (ø size of a canvas print: 60 to 120 cm).

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