We are a group of people with a passion for arts, crafts and design. As professionals, autodidacts or simply hobby artists we come together, share ideas, create, work
– and have quite a lot of fun. Like to join us? You're welcome.

Our Friday meetings are back!

Activities and Events

Patriko - every Friday at 18:00

Come and join us again or if you don't know us have a look at what we do.
There is also live music every Friday night at Patriko in Stoupa now, starting from 21:00.

Lee O'Connor announces her participation in the Annual Summer Exhibition in Kent, England.
A very early Summer Exhibition - it starts in May. Find out more:

That's us.

That is – a few of us for a start. Have a look at who we are and what we do. For personal questions about the artwork, contact the artist by the email you find on his individual page. Curious? Click your way through the names and find out.

Contact us*

*Please use this form for all general inquiries – for specific questions regarding individual artists go to his page and contact her / him directly.

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